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Efficacy / Potency / Drug compatibility

Our customers value our flexibility and ability to establish new methods meeting their requirements.

New therapeutics often need new test methods. preclinics is well equipped with medical and research measurement devices, like x-ray and angiography, ECG, EMG and blood pressure, activity measurement and much more. A broad competence in medical and veterinary science, as well as molecular biology and engineering enables us to establish new methods and to set up very complex experiments. On our website you only find some of our activities. Please contact us if you have a certain need for your product development.


Bioluminescence imaging

Highly sensitive analysis suitable for multiple research purposes More info…

Voluntary running activity

A sensitive parameter featuring non-invasive, continuous, and convenient measurement. More info…

Humanized Models: Xenodoma

Specific in vivo testing on human tissues in humanized rodents. More info…