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BSL3** lab launch

12/05/2017 The preclinics team reacted to a growing demand and has established a biosafety level 3** lab, in which we can perform infection studies in laboratory rodents. We offer infection models for gastrointestinal diseases, local S. aureus infections and luminescent pathogens.
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Platform for single-domain camelid antibody generation

12/03/2019 We join forces with InSCREENeX GmbH to develop a new platform for single-domain camelid antibody generation. The platform is based on an expandable llama immunization cell line. The collaboration combines InSCREENeX’ unique know-how in generation of expandable cell lines from any species with preclinics’ leading expertise in camelid immunization. The novel platform will greatly enhance the generation of camelid antibodies against difficult drug targets for example low immunogenic membrane-spanning proteins. More info…
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Biodistribution of proteins with in vivo Imaging

25/02/2019 If you want to know where in the body your antibody is binding, how your therapeutic protein gets reabsorbed or where it accumulates: **in vivo imaging** is a useful tool to receive quickly an overview about the biodistribution of proteins. An in vivo imaging study can help you to identify the critical aspects of the pharmacokinetic profile and helps you to plan further PK studies. More info…